Friday, June 14, 2013

Catch Cher on Livestream on 18 June Prior To Her 'The Voice' Appearance!

'Woman's World' singer Cher
Cher is to take part in a special Livestream before her performance of 'Woman's World' on 'The Voice'.

18 June should be branded "Cher Day" as it's all going to be about her. As well as releasing her first single in over a decade on that day, and performing it live on 'The Voice', 18 June will see Cher answer your questions on Livestream - a streaming service that broadcasts visual content live.

The Livestream event will take place at at 6:15pm PST on 18 June, just hours before her 'The Voice' performance.

To get your questions to the 67-year-old newspaper-headdress-wearing music legend, send them to Cher on social networking site Twitter whilst using the hashtag "#CherLivestream".

Poster for Cher's new single 'Woman's World', her 'The Voice' appearance and her Livestream

Moving on... The 'Burlesque' soundtrack album has shot to number one on the iTunes Soundtrack Albums charts in Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland after the film was aired on television in Central Europe. The soundtrack album was also spotted back at number one on iTunes Soundtrack Albums chart in Japan, where it is certified Gold for 100,000 shipments.

Cher's ballad 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' was very popular with the film's Central Europe TV audience, having climbed up to number three on the iTunes Soundtrack Song chart in Germany and Luxembourg, and number four in Austria and Switzerland. Cher's other song from the soundtrack, 'Welcome To Burlesque', also climbed to number eight on the same chart in Germany.


  1. Does anyone know if it's possible to watch The Voice live on the web? Thanks!

  2. And what does 9/8 pm mean? 9:40? Cheers

  3. @Leandro 9pm Eastern 8pm Central