Thursday, May 02, 2013

News Round-Up: No Name Yet For Cher's New Album; Cyndi Lauper Tweets Cher; Ellen DeGeneres's Funny Cher Photo; Cher's 'Woman's World' Music Video Outfit & More!

It seems that Cher has actually turned back time! Back in August 2012, she told us that her upcoming studio album - her 25th in total - has a title. Back then, she said, "We have the title! But I can't tell". But hours ago on Twitter, she was asked what the name of the album was, and replied, "The second I have one, I'm tweeting the sucker!"

Sticking with Twitter.... Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a funny photoshopped image of herself and Cher to her 18 million(!) followers, writing with it, "I had to change my outfit before the show. My guest and I were wearing the same thing."

'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' singer Cyndi Lauper - a friend of Cher's who was her supporting act for two tours - tweeted Cher. Cher tweeted to her 1.46million followers, "I can tell you now, just how strong my mom is. She was sicker than I let on. She is on the mend now but her pneumonia was life-threatening." Lauper replied, "So sorry to hear that. I hope she feels much better soon. And my mom sends her love too". Cher tweeted back to her, "Thanks babe! I hope you're well and happy! You Have a special place in my heart." The former-bright-haired 80's pop sensation wrote back letting Cher know that she was about to buy Georgia's new album; "And you in mine... I am going on iTunes to find your CD".

After Cher and her mothers' appearances on US TV, Georgia's album 'Honky Tonk Woman' has shot to number one on Amazon's Miscellaneous MP3 Albums chart.

The 'New York Daily News' has reviewed Georgia and Cher's upcoming May 6th Lifetime documentary 'Dear Mom, Love Cher':

"While the rest of us send cards or maybe flowers to Mom for Mother Day’s, Cher arranges to have her mother’s life chronicled in a professional documentary.

Cher also arranges to have it shown on Lifetime.

Even before we get to the part where Cher also had 30-year-old tapes remastered so her mother’s first record album finally can be released, we’re thinking, wow, it must be nice to be Cher’s mother.

Or Cher.

Either way, Cher is one good daughter.

And this gentle 42-minute look at the life of Georgia Holt is pleasant, sentimental and sweet.

It’s so affectionate that it’s not even a buzz kill when Cher, her sister and Georgia recount how Grandpa, who was a dynamiter for the railroad, blew himself up one day.

Holt was born into Depression-era poverty in Arkansas and moved as a child to similar poverty in California. She vowed she would not always live like that, and when this documentary pans across the Malibu waterfront property where it is being filmed, it’s clear that vow worked out.

Holt didn’t get everything she wanted. She really wanted a showbiz career, but she only made it to the fringes.

She sang briefly with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. She won a beauty contest. She had small walk-on roles on “I Love Lucy” and “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.”

The album she recorded in 1979 was shelved.

There were also six marriages.

Yet for all that, Holt seems happy. She seems pleased, not resentful, that Cher became the star she didn’t. She seems to enjoy the good life she lives.

Cher seems happy to show us she’s enjoying it. Cher is a good daughter."

Back in January, a stylist working on Cher's still-unseen 'Woman's World' music video posted the following photograph of a dress made completely out of gift cards, which may or may not be from the video. Well, there's a good sign that it is from the video!

(Pointed out by the good folk at 'The Official Cher Community') Cher's sister Georganne was asked by Ellen DeGeneres on her show as to what she thought of Cher's outrageous wardrobe, to which she begin to explain that during one particular video shoot, Cher was wearing a wig made out of paper that reached her feet. Well, one of the contest winners that got to be at the 'Woman's World' video shoot (@kaitybby17) tweeted a photograph of "strands of Cher's newspaper wig" (presented nicely in her copy of Cher's The First Time' autobiography). Well, what goes well with a floor-length newspaper wig? A gift card dress of course!


  1. always a pleasure to read ur very detailed news on the one and only CHER, question isnt tis her 26 album?

    1. And it's always a pleasure reading your comments! I'm 99% sure that it's her 25th. One fan (I think it was Tornado - a friend of 'Cher News') pointed out on 'The Official Cher Community' that most publications have been saying it's her 26th as they were doing their "research" on Wikipedia, which previously stated that her new one will be her 26th as it for some reason included her not-solo 'Black Rose' album in the tally.

  2. While Black Rose was her hopeful attempt at launching a band, it is considered part of her solo work. If Black Rose had made it, then there would have been more Black Rose albums but for career purposes it is considered part of her solo (non-Sonny & Cher) work. The industry and Cher consider Woman's World her 26th Solo effort.

    1. Hello Lisa! Yes, Cher definitely has had two music careers - Sonny & Cher and solo - and 'Black Rose' is of course associated with the latter. But the album was in no way a solo album - to call it such is an injustice to the group's other members. As I was going to point out on 'The Official Cher Community' when this issue came up but was beaten to the punch by (again, I think) Tornado, the whole thing is a Blondie/Deborah Harry scenario. Like Cher, Harry was (and IS but none of this is any longer an issue for them) the band's lead singer, and many thought that SHE alone was Blondie - but of course she's not. Blondie is a group. Black Rose was a group. What Tornado pointed out was that we'd never call 'Parallel Lines' a Deborah Harry solo album. I think the confusion stems from Cher ALREADY being Cher when the album was released, so some folk/publications get it confused. Most bands come BEFORE the solo singer - like Deborah Harry or Chrissie Hynde. I'm ranting now lol. Some publications have been putting 25th album and I'm sticking with it and I'm hoping the whole notion that this is her 26th one gets wiped out. Sorry if I've come across as stubborn lol. To me, 'Black Rose' is as much of a solo album as 'Two The Hard Way' is - which of course is not one lol.

  3. Hey Daniel! Thanks for keeping us updated as always... Greetings from Brazil

  4. hey daniel just wandering how long have you been a Cher fan?

    1. Hello Courtney. I've been a Cher fan since around 1996 - when I was just about 5 years old! So, I've been a fan for about 17 years (I'm 22 now - as of today anyway as it's my Birthday!). My Dad passed down to me his love of music and his taste in music - Elvis, Meat Loaf, Tina Turner, Cher, and an array of others - at a very early age, and I'm really glad.

  5. NYChris,
    its me with the question about "is it her 25 or 26 studio album" here in the US all publications are saying 26,
    damn you are young,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I've been 30 I've been 40 , 30 is better,a wonderful CHER quote, little difference in age, i am now 43, i first met Cher in the mid 90's i was in my 20's or , She was here for her "It's a man's World" cd signing and "If these walls could talk", and had the pleasure to meeting her on both accounts and a few more times after that,,5 in total..what a beautiful person, so soft spoke and smelling wonderful, HAVE A WONDEREFUL BDAY DANIEL

    1. Thank you! I loved her 'It's A Man's World' / 'If These Walls Could Talk' era because she looked SO good! I love the Jessica Rabbit look that she was pulling off at the time! When I look back at photos of her from that time, I just think that it's a shame that she was at a low popularity-wise, compared to what came beforehand and afterwards.