Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cher Tweets About Oklahoma Tornado

The city of Moore in Oklahoma was hit by a tornado yesterday, tragically taking the lives of - at last-count - 91 people and hospitalizing many more. Cher arrived on social networking site Twitter just hours ago, where she spoke about helping the victims of the natural disaster.

It was the now-67-years-old entertainers's Birthday yesterday, which is why she began her first tweet with, "My Birthday was joyous! My family came over... Oh the cake!" She added, "One thing that made my day sad - the devastation in Oklahoma! We need to say prayers for them".

"So many devastating things happen - by man and nature - that we can feel paralyzed. We see, but can't feel. One prayer helps, the words don't matter".

In a series of tweets, the always-generous 'Moonstruck' star announced that she plans to donate to a charity or charities in the Oklahoma area for the victims of the tornado.

'Star Trek' actor William Shatner (yes, this is all quite random) - whom Cher follows on Twitter - retweeted a tweet by the American Red Cross about donating to them for the Moore disaster. Cher responded to the the Shatner retweet, saying, "I really prefer giving to local charities. I will look for some extremely reliable ones and tweet them to all of you!"

One follower wrote, "Cher makes some fairly good sense, Mr. S. Sometimes you have to act local." Cher answered, "I admire W. Shatner but local charities seem to do a great job taking care of their neighbors in the long run".

"My money goes off tomorrow. I want it kept there, in that community", she wrote.

In other money-related news, Cher has sold her Venice house for $1.95 million - $100,000 above asking price.

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