Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cher's Mother To Release Her Own Album By 6 May

It isn't news that Cher's 87-year-old mother Georgia Holt is to release her own album in May. It isn't news that Cher has provided her voice on at least one its tracks. But it is news that the album will be released by May 6th.

At one point, all we knew was that Georgia's upcoming television special, which features Cher and her family, will air on Lifetime during the same week as this year's Mother's Day, which in the US, will be on 12 May. And that during then same week, Georgia's country studio album will be releaseed.

Then Cher let us know that the TV special will air on 6th May. But what about the album? Well, it seems we'll be getting that a little bit earlier!

Cher tweeted, "Picked the album's title - 'Honky Tonk Woman', and sequenced its songs. I'm helping her with liner notes for it. The CD will come out before the special on 6th May."

66-year-old Grammy Award-winner Cher, who has clearly been involved a lot in the album's making, is known to be definitely on at least one track. But with the following clip displaying how great Cher and her mothers' voices gel together, let's hope Cher's on more than just one track!


  1. Georgia looks like a blonde Cher!... that would make sense considering theyre mother and daughter, lol