Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PHOTO: Cher Looking Great In Glasses!

Cher tweeted in the last hour, letting her followers know what she is up to, whilst posting a picture.

By the sounds of it, Cher is currently celebrating friend Loree Rodkin's Birthday. The legendary songstress tweeted, "Hey guys! I'm sitting in a fabulous club. Loree's Birthday! Sorry, I can't see the screen! Plus everyone is yelling!"

She Added, "Jen [her assistant] just took the most hysterical picture of me in Starks".
And here is the picture:

Cher, February 2013, sporting a pair of glasses and her real hair

"That picture was me showing all these youngsters how to tweet! Everyone is talking, laughing, being crazy! God, oldsters are ridiculous", she wrote.

Before leaving the social networking site, she tweeted, "Later lovelies. I can't hear myself think".

Update: These two pictures have since surfaced of Cher, and pals, in the club:

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