Thursday, February 21, 2013

More On Cher's TCM Appearance... in 'Women in Film'

As we already know, Cher will be a guest programmer on movie channel TCM in April on a new Friday night show in which she talks about some of her favorite movies. The name of the show has been identified as 'Women in Film'.

Showbiz writer Liz Smith - a friend of Cher's - received a phone call from the 'Moonstruck' actress whilst the latter was on the set of the new TCM show, with presenter Robert Osbourne and her press rep Liz Rosenberg. Smith has shared the conversation in the phone call:

Cher: "Liz, it's Cher"
Liz: "Cher, hi, it's so good..."
Cher: "Honey, I'd love to chat, but I'm on the TCM set, with Robert Osbourne, and we'll be talking about some of my favorite movies. Now, you know the film 'Mildred Pierce', right?"
Liz: "Well of course I do, in fact I just saw it the other night."
Cher: "Okay, do you remember what Ann Blyth, Veda, says to Joan Crawford when Joan discovers them making love?"
Liz: "Cher, I think it goes like this: 'It's always been me, it's never you. Monty's going to divorce you and marry me.' And then there's a big juicy close-up of Ann and she says, 'And there's nothing you can do about it!'"
Cher: "That's it! I knew it. I knew I was right, [to  Liz Rosenberg] see that Liz? What does Joan do?"
Liz: Well, then there's the big juicy close-up of Joan Crawford, and she says, 'Now, Veda..."
Cher: [to Liz Rosenberg] "I was right again.

So we now know that 'Mildred Pierce' is one of Cher's chosen films to be discussed in the TCM show, but Liz Smith also revealed that another, 'Stella Dallas', is amongst Cher's top picks, sharing that Cher loves a snippet of dialogue from the latter film that goes, "Whattaya, mean? I got styles. I got stacks of style!"

Cher concluded the phone call to Liz, with an exciting promise that they'll soon be chatting about Cher's new album, "Liz thank you so much for letting me bother you. I'll call you when I have more time and we'll talk about my upcoming album. It's really good. Thank you. love you, bye!"

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  1. I hope this Women in Film gig gives Cher incentive to do another movie and one we truly see her act. Cher CAN act like Cher CAN sing. We love Cher in movies and want more acting from her. I think Cher should do some meaty supporting roles and NOT glamorous like her role in Silkwood.