Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kathy Griffin In Talks With Bravo To Have Cher - And Her Bathroom(!) - On Her Talk Show 'Kathy'

Kathy Griffin has revealed that she has pitched to "the Bravo people" the idea of having Cher on her show in an episode set in Cher's bathroom!

Over the past few years, Cher has become good friends with Comedienne Kathy Griffin. Well, the latter's late-night Bravo talk show 'Kathy' is set to return for its second season/series tonight, and this series will feature more celebrity guests.

During an interview, asked the question that we've all been wanting to know the answer to - when will Cher appear on on the show?

How long until we see Cher?
Cher wants to do an episode in her bathroom.

That sounds fun!
Thank you! I think so, too! When I told the Bravo people, I told them, Cher may want to do a while episode in her bathroom. And the executive said, could she at least give us a tour of the rest of the house? I go honestly, once you have Cher in the bedroom, you're good. I don't even need to see the rec room or the den.

I'm sure Cher's bedroom is very comfortable.
It's so huge. It's like an apartment. And then she sits there and we order food from Nobu and it's a whole thing.

With her new single and album scheduled for release over the next couple of months, Cher will no doubt be making the rounds on talk shows to promote the new music.

Cher on 'Kathy' - is this something you'd like to see?


  1. Hell Yes!!!!!! love my Cher ,,,; )

  2. I just enjoy seeing them together. Like, the out takes for the PSA was so great! But, man I can't wait!!