Friday, January 04, 2013

Get Excited! Your Chance To Meet Cher - And Preview Her New Music Video!

Cher's giving her twitter followers the chance to be sent over to Los Angeles to meet her and preview her new music video as part of a contest!

Back in July, Cher announced plans for a contest which would see a handful of fans get the opportunity to be sent to Los Angeles in order to get an early hearing of some of her new album tracks.

Her July tweet read, "I'm going in the studio tonight. I'd like to have six songs mastered and then to bring four lovelies out to Malibu to hear them! Everyone says that one is as good as 'Believe'?... I think this will need to be a contest to pick four to six people."

The topic of the contest was brought up again yesterday when Cher tweeted, in response to a fan, "Oh f**k! I've got to get this contest happening as soon as possible! God! Maybe I will announce the moment and it will last two minutes. I will close my eyes and have [my assistant] Jen spin tweets and tap iPad with my finger!"

A little under an hour ago, the 'Half Breed' singer returned to the social networking site to write, again in response to a fan, "I think the best, most honest thing for me to do is close my eyes tight have Jen spin, and point to six people! It will last two minutes tops!"

If you are confused about the rules of the contest, I will now try my best to explain them to you: At an unspecified moment, Cher will go onto her Twitter account on her iPad, to the page which displays her incoming tweets to her. Her assistant Jen will then "spin" (roll the iPad's touchscreen up-and-down, I assume) through the incoming tweets. Cher will then close her eyes, and point to six tweets on the page. The six people who sent the six chosen tweets, will be the contest's winners!

Cher explained the prize for the six contest winners, saying that they will, "Come to Los Angeles to watch my music video - no cameras or cell/mobile phones! [They'll] meet me! [We'll] take a couple of pictures! That's as far as I've gotten!?"

The music video that the prize-winners will watch is of course the one to her new single 'Woman's World'. The music video is currently scheduled to be shot on 19 January.

Cher seems to have dropped the plans for the contest winners to preview the six new mastered songs, as stated in July, or she simply forgot to mention that part of the prize during her recent twitter session.

After an array of tweets from her surprisingly-large young fan base asking her about any age restrictions for the contest, Cher replied, "Age doesn't matter! If [you are a winner of the contest and are] under age, a parent or family member can bring you".