Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cher Currently Filming 'Woman's World' Music Video!

Cher and Ray Kay
...or is about too, very, very soon!

Yes, today is the day that Cher is filming the music video to her comeback single 'Woman's World'. It's almost mid-day in Los Angeles at the time of me writing this article - so Cher will likely be on set, or very close to being so.

Last night, the night before the big shoot, Cher tweeted, "I'm watching 'Bourne Legacy'. I should go to sleep but I'm not ready. The film is great, and I'm restless on the night before work.It will be a 24-hour day for me [tomorrow]".

We have very little knowledge about the video. Thanks to a Norwegian online publisher, we do now know that the directer of the video is Reinert K. Olsen - better known as Ray kay.

The director was full of praise when it came to talking about our favorite songstress; "This I'm looking forward too, big. The song is cool and it is really fun to work with Cher on camera. She is an icon - so this is not common. I have dug-out many of the Sonny & Cher songs from the sixties. There are not many artists who have been at it for fifty-years"

The security on the secret Los Angeles video set is tight, with mobile/cell phones and cameras banned, and all everyone is required to have a certain wristband to be allowed entry.

Ray Kay said, "This will be an artistic video, which has a very positive and universal message. We have to sign contracts for everything to be kept secret, so I can say much more than that."

Some of the people who will be allowed to walk in-and-out of the set will be the winners of the two contests Cher recently held on Twitter and Facebook. Those eight people will get to watch some of the video's filming.

One of the people appearing in the female-heavy video is the woman who bid the highest amount in a recent auction for a walk-on role. Another female in it will be the girlfriend of Ray Kay.

If you're wondering who Ray Kay is: the 34-year-old has directed videos to some of the biggest pop hits of the last few years, including Lady Gaga's 'Pokerface' and Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. The latter video was at one point the most-viewed video on YouTube, ever! So Cher's video is definitely in safe hands.

One of the biggest questions about the video that has so far gone unanswered is, "What will Cher look like in the video?". What style are you hoping for?


  1. i cannot wait either!!! please hurry.....lol love cher!!!

  2. Yes, this video will be very good., and so is Y.D. dancing part in this.... oh yeah !!!

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