Friday, November 02, 2012

PHOTO: Cher PSA For President Obama With Kathy Griffin

Cher has uploaded a photo of Kathy Griffin and herself on the set of filming a personal service announcement for President Obama.

A day ago, Cher and Kathy Griffin were talking on Twitter about something unspecified that would take place the following day. Cher tweeted, “Hey Kathleen... So busted! It's tomorrow! You in or out? Can ad lib! It'll be fun you silly b*tch!” Griffin replied, “I'm in! I told you. Call me.”

Hours ago, Griffin then tweeted, “Spent the day with Cher. If you really want to, I'll post a picture or two. Cher, How about you? Are you out of your biker jacket yet?“

Then luckily, Cher cleared it up for us, “I'm dead! Kathleen and I did PSA's for President Obama! We did two together and then one by myself! They had written something but it wasn't right for me, I wanted to talk about things you don't hear everyday.”

Cher then uploaded the following photo of the pair between filming, with the explanation, “Me and Kathleen between takes! Attractive, huh? Not! This is my “I don't get this” face – she's thinking , “F**k b*tch you're dumb”.

Griffin went on to upload a photo on the social networking site - a clearer shot showing more of the set on which the PSA'a were filmed.


  1. I would give my left nut to spend a whole day with those two, they really need to do a 1 hour variety show on TV, you know it would funny as hell

  2. Oh hell, I agree, she could have as guest stars, Dolly Parton, Donny & Marie, Lily Tomlin, Sean Hayes, Betty White, what a show that would make, I bet you anything it would be the most watched show in TV herstory

  3. I'd sell my soul.
    Top that.

  4. yes, cher + kathy = fun fun fun

  5. cher + kathy = ratings!

  6. Oh..and here is my left nut!