Friday, November 23, 2012

Early Reviews Pour In For Cher's 'Woman's World'

Whilst the release of Cher's 'Woman's World' has been making headlines online across the globe, many publications have been briefly reviewing the comeback single - and we've got most of the reviews here! says:
"'Womans' World' opens with bouncing clud beats as Cher sings, 'I'm dancing so low in the dark.' Age is nothing but a number as she sells the track with a fierce delivery. The chorus is then enveloped in a wall of sythesizers when Cher's bold voice powerfully belts: 'Thisis a woman's world!' She's been around since the 1960s, but leaves her mark unfazed in 2012 with this electro banger."

AceShowbiz says:
"The song presents an upbeat and very catchy dance rythm from the 66-year-old diva and as soon as the track picks up and the synthesizers kick in, listeners will forget that it is actually a grandma singing in the club tune... A very strong comeback single that will have its reign in the charts and on the dance floor."

Popcrush says:
"'Woman's World' is a thumping, rollicking anthem to not giving a hoot what a man thinks of you, because it's women who rule the world. (We know Beyonce will agree!)... Cher is working with Lady Gaga, Pink and Timbaland on her new record. We've yet to hear those killer combos, but based on what we've heard so far, we can't wait!"

Clickmusic says:
"'Woman's World' keeps Cher in dance territory, but there's a much stronger 90's dance hook in the glossy production. The vocoder work has also been dialled back to sensible levels from the Cylon sounds of 'Living Proof'"

Idolator says:
"Full of striking synths and a relentlessly slamming beat, 'Woman's World' is yet another song where Cher asserts her strong femininity. And, men, you don't want to f*** with this diva when she's power-twirling across the dance floor and mowing gents down left and right."

Toronto Star says:
"It's kinda awesome and kick-ass and pure Cher."

HitFix says:
"It's a catchy track that will certainly make her fans happy and could get some gay club play, but is it really the beginning of a comeback? It's been 13 years since 'Believe' stunned the entertainment world by hitting no. 1. She's been discounted before. We're just thrilled that she can still belt it out like youngsters out there."

Music and Lyrics says:
"Yes! Cher makes a killer comeback with the release of this epic dancefloor-ready track 'Woman's World'... We are not worthy of this flawlessness...Who produced this epicness? And DEAD at Cher sounding exactly the same after 50 years. The Queen has truly taken care of her voice. 'Woman's World' is an example of a perfect comeback single. It's so in the money! It's radio-friendly, it's going to slay clubs and Billboard's Dance/Club Play songs chart with such an ease, Cher sounds fantastic in it, the beat is hot, that amazing power in the chorus is to die for, and overall 'Woman's World' is FIRE. It gives LIFE! The Goddess is back y'all."


  1. nobody does it better

  2. great song but with no promo or video or anything in place it is sad. ww is a fantastic song so it is a shame this happened before they were ready

  3. Wasn't there news on this site that she was going to be filming a video for the song - or had filmed a video. They knew that Woman's World was going to be released as the first single, so I think they were preparing for the video/promotion. Maybe the song is being released a little ahead of it...but often, anymore, songs are released before a video. It's a new digital age where the song can be on our players the day of release without fear of having to hope that a store is carrying the single.

    It's a great song and I think it will get lots of attention. There are definite catchy hooks.

  4. I just checked iTunes Women's World is not on there. Does any1 have ay info.

  5. Woman's World will be released in January 2013. From the little that can be understood, they are now doing remixes of the song and Cher will begin filming the video around 22nd of December.