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'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2012!): 10 - 1

Cher performing 'Bang Bang'
We count down the top ten tracks you chose as your all-time favorite Cher songs – plus we find out what will be in the all-important top position.

Here we go! We've so far counted down numbers 50 – 11 in the list of your all-the favorite Cher songs, which means, we only have the final ten to count down. But, the final ten is the best ten!

'Cher News' asked all of you Cher fans to submit your five all-time favorite Cher songs – in order – and the results have been compiled into this countdown. We've already seen a great selection of songs in the countdown including the hits 'All I Really Want To Do', 'Gypsies Tramps & Theives', 'Half Breed', 'Dark Lady', 'Take Me Home', 'After All', 'Just Like Jesse James' and 'Strong Enough'. But there's a whole load more of classics to be unveiled in your list.

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So let's take a look...

10. 'Heart of Stone'
In tenth place in the countdown is the title track from Cher's 1989 multi-platinum album 'Heart of Stone'. Originally released as a minor single (UK#50) by UK group Bucks Fizz in 1988, Cher's version was released as a single in 1990. Her version slightly bettered Bucks Fizz version in the UK by reaching number 43. However,
its greatest success was in North America where it hit number 20, becoming her fourth US top twenty hit from the album.

9. 'Still'
Without a doubt, the least known song in this top ten is this number from her 2000 internet-only album ''. The song was selected as the album's opening track, and as is the case with nearly all the songs from the album, it was written by Cher herself.

8. 'Bang Bang'
This isn't the 1966 hit version that hit number 2 in the US and number 3 in the UK – it's the 1987 rock version that appeared on Cher's 1987 self-titled album. Sonny Bono, who wrote the original 1966 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)', contributed further lyrics for this remake.

7. 'All Or Nothing'
The third single released from Cher's mega-selling 1998 album 'Believe' is 'All Or Nothing'. Unbelievably, the song completely missed the US Hot 100 chart but was a moderate success worldwide, reaching the top forty on ten national singles charts.

6. 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me'
The most recent track that you've listed in the top ten of your all-time favorite Cher songs is her 2010 ballad 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' from the 'Burlesque Soundtrack'. Written by Diane Warren, the song won the 'Golden Globe Award' for 'Best original Song' in 2011. Thanks to remixes of the song, it topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart – earning Cher the honour of being the only act to have a number one single on a Billboard chart in each of the last six decades.

5. 'Save Up All Your tears'
We're in the top five of you favorite songs! Another song written – in this case co-written with Desmond Child – by Diane Warren is the second single from Cher's 1991 album 'Love Hurts'. The Pop-rock anthem 'Save Up All Your Tears' was originally released by Bonnie Tyler in 1988 and Robin Beck in 1989 – Beck's version became a moderate hit in Europe. Cher's version was also a moderate hit but reached the top 40 in the all-important music markets of the US and UK – it coincidentally reached number 37 on the singles chart in both of these territories.

4. 'I Found Someone'
At number four is Cher's single – and comeback single following her recording absence to make movies – 'I Found Someone' from her 1987 self-titled album. The song, again, was a cover. It was originally released by Laura Branigan in 1986, reaching number 90 in the US Hot 100. The Michael Bolton and Mark Mangold-penned track reached number ten on the US Hot 100 for Cher as well as peaking at number five in the UK and almost selling a million copies worldwide.

3. 'If I Could Turn Back Time'
This one did sell a million – almost two million. Earning a bronze award in our countdown is Cher's monster 1989 pop/rock anthem 'If I Could Turn Back Time'. This is the third song in the top ten of your favorite Cher songs that was written by Diane Warren. The Cher classic - and some would say her signature hit - hit number 3 on the US Hot 100 and scored several more impressive chart positions around the globe including number 6 in the UK and number 1 in Australia. And of course, there's the famous music video to go with it...

2. 'Song For The Lonely'
Getting silver... The dance-pop tune that served as the US lead single from Cher's 2001 - US 2002 – album 'Living Proof'. Despite clearly being a fan favorite – after all, you've put it at number two – the song didn't perform spectacularly on the charts, it peaked at a disappointing number 85 on the US Hot 100, ultimately selling not much over 50,000 copies in North America. Cher dedicated the song "to the courageous people of New York, especially the firefighters, police, Mayor Giuliani, Governor Pataki, and my friend Liz" in the album booklet, following 9/11.

And your all-time favorite Cher song, fans, is...

1. 'Believe'
Well, you probably guessed it! Yes, getting the gold award, the number one song picked by you fans as your favorite Cher song is her 1998 dance-pop monster hit - and best-selling single of all-time – 'Believe'. Selling a whopping seven million - some say ten, some say eleven - singles and topping the US Hot 100 chart for four weeks, and the UK singles chart for seven, the single immediately outdid any single released during her entire career. The song won over a whole new generation of fans and earned Cher – unbelievably – her first ever Grammy Award!

Well, there you have it - the songs that you fans picked as your all-time favorite Cher songs! Do you think we should do her albums one day?


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