Saturday, September 01, 2012

Will We Hear The 'Cher Effect' On Cher's New Album?

Cher in concertIn 1998, Cher's worldwide number one hit 'Believe' showcased what is generally believed to be the first example of using Auto-tune strictly for creative purposes on a commercially-available song - with it transforming Cher's vocals into almost-robotic results due to using extreme settings on the software. This, today, is known as the 'Cher Effect'.

Cher went on to use the 'Cher Effect' on several songs such as the 'The Music's No Good Without You', 'When You Walk Away' and 'A Different Kind Of Love Song' on her last album - 2001's US top ten 'Living Proof'.

Since then, the use of the musical effect has erupted in mainstream music being used plentifully by artists such as T-Pain, Kanye West.

Now, with Cher returning later this year with her first album in eleven years, many want to know if the 'Cher Effect' will also be making a return.

One fan (@Classified1A) asked the star very recently on Twitter whether the effect would be present on any of the tracks on her new album. Cher confirmed the existance of the effect on the album, stating that it can be heard "on one" of its songs.

Thankfully, we won't have long to wait before we can hear this one, or any of Cher's new songs; her new album is currently scheduled for release later this year, with its lead single expected to drop next month.


  1. i just went on the wb website and nothing whatsoever about her new album or single. i mean not even the name of the album

    1. Her website is not updated very often.

  2. They meant the Warner Brothers website does not have anything about the Oct single yet or Dec album. Hopefully the Warner Brothers site will have that soon.

  3. i know what you mean. here we are in sept and no official mention of her oct single by warners. ya, cher twitted but no official news from her record co

  4. So glad it's only "ONE" song! She doesn't need that effect and it causes problems when she sings live / in concert. My guess is that this will be the GAGA duet single that has this.

    Quite frankly, the single being released early next month "would" make sense if the album was released in mid November. It doesn't make sense to release the album in December if WB is trying for a number 1 in that month! Whatever - just do it.