Thursday, August 09, 2012

Christina Aguilera To Guest On Cher's New Album?

Cher and Christina Aguilera
Cher has hinted that Christina Aguilera will be included on her upcoming album – if all goes to plan.

Everyone knows that Lady Gaga will sing on a track with Cher on the latter singer's upcoming album. Most people know that singer Pink has written multiple songs for the album. Recently, Cher revealed that a further female pop superstar may guest on the album.

It all began when one Twitter user (Melanie Usher) tweeted Cher, “The one and only Cher and Pink working together? Killer combo!”. Cher responded, “[There's] one other guest [on the album] but I have to ask her if she wants to remain a surprise”. The surprise didn't last long.

Within the next two days, a Cher fan (Adri├ín S. Pulido) tweeted Cher, “I met you in Madrid with Xtina [Christina Aguilera], why don't you work together in a song again?” Cher simply answered, “Ummm!!”.

This quickly triggered another fan (Antony) to write, “What was 'Ummm'? Is this mystery girl on your new album Christina? You don't have to say, but can you hint?”. Cher quipped, “UMMM!!!!”.

An excited fan (Poser de Cher) then wrote to the 'Believe' songstress, “Holy sh*t Cher! You will sing with Xtina! Woman, you can't keep secrets! Lol love you”. “Cher replied, “Not say 'yes', not say 'no'? Say 'hope'? Love her!”.

Hopefully, Christina's presence on the album will be a singing role, like Lady Gaga's, and not just a songwriting role, like Pink's.

Cher and Christina of course starred in the 2010 movie 'Burlesque' together, plus they also appeared on its hit soundtrack album, though none of its tracks featured both singers together. If Christina's appearance on Cher's new album materializes, the pair of powerful pop divas will sing together for the first time.

Due to Cher's blurting of the poorly-kept secret, one follower (Tim) tweeted Cher, “Your record company is going to have your head over that Xtina tweet!”. She wrote back, “So right! I hope I didn't f*ck it up! Xtina's cool! What will be will be!”


  1. UMMM.. how bout NO! CHER is too good for Christina, oh well, we'll see...

    1. Really? I think Christina is a tremendous vocalist - up there with Whitney and Mariah. The ballads 'The Voice Within', 'Hurt' and my favorite 'You Lost Me' are examples, I believe, of how brilliant she is. I loved her - and MASSIVELY fancied her - during her 'Stripped' period.

  2. Cher being too good to work with Christina has nothing to do with their voices. yeah during her stripped era she was channeling Cher many times so I found her interesting then, but later and prior she was a bore and came off as stuck up, plus most of the live performances of hers are a mess, she just screams and keeps raising her left arm up like a crazy person... but that's just me I guess.

    1. Omg No! Cher is not to good for her, I agree with Daniel! Christina is such an amazing singer, and I can not wait for cher's album to come out. I really hope Christina is singing in it, as well as Lady Gaga. I also thought she looked amazing during her 'Stripped' period!

  3. It will be an excellent work because Cher always do it but if she work with Christina Aguilera it will be a bomb! This Album will be very successful because she worked with great and amazing artists like LADY GAGA and Pink and maybe Christina Aguilera, of the best albums of the year! a successfully album coming soon!we can't wait love you Cher!:)