Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cher Discusses Her Mother's Birthday - and Drugs!

Cher's mother Georgia Holt turned 86-years-old on 9 June. Cher's been tweeting the details.

Just hours ago, Cher took to social networking site Twitter to write about her mother's Birthday; "Mom's Birthday party! She's hilarious and beautiful, but just starting to see her age! Made her go to Soho House! We had a great time. Georgeanne said Mom's old, I said bulls**t. Everyone seems to love her - President Obama too! My mom was 'Wow' beautiful when she was young - she'd walk in a room and people would shut up and stare".

Two hours later, the legendary songstress wrote, "Oh my God! So late! Been partaay-ing too much with Mom! Just kidding! Back in the day, Mom and I were party girls! No drugs! Lots of R&R! And sex, that's our 'biz'".

In answer to some of her followers, including one who wrote, "Drugs age you, and honey you clearly have never done drugs", Cher responded, "Not Georganne, not me, not Mom. And yes I talk to my mom about sex! She's my Mom!"

A fan then asked Cher, "You said once to Gene Simmons that you smoked weed in the 1970's?", to which Cher answered, "Yes! maybe 8-10 times! The truth is, in my life, druges have only caused pain!"

Holt was featured in many high-profile online publications over the last few days concerning her much-younger-than-she-is appearance, following her attendance with Cher at US President Obama's LGBT fundraising event.

Now here's something to fathom: music producer RedOne stated that Cher recorded 'The Greatest Thing' in full prior to Lady Gaga wanting to make it a duet. That means it's likely that their are two versions in existence (as well as Gaga's solo version) - Cher's solo version and the Cher-Gaga version. Let's hope that we get to hear both versions. We know that the duet version will be included on Cher's upcoming studio album - maybe we could have the solo version on a 'Deluxe' edition?


  1. My mother, Frances Quattlebaum, was a childhood friend of your Mom. My parents,Ivan and Frances, have both passed away. There are still several people in Searcy, ARK. that have asked about Georgia. We would love to hear from her and also your sweet sister who visited us many years ago. Please ask your mom if she would contact me and I will pass info onto others. Thanks, Sherry Q. Person

  2. Cher you mother is stunning - like you she shines from within and looks such 'fun' - you are an absolute tribute to her. I am sure she is extremely proud of you for who you are,what you do for others less fortunate than yourself and for the pleasure you give your fans. Hope you come to the UK during your tour and that I am still on my feet and able to come and see you.

  3. nancy mccracken15 June, 2012 15:19

    my friend teri dalia "cher" we call her would love to have a night out with u......would this ever happen...we r planning a girls fun weekend omg that would be a dream come true if we could have a drink with u...i know this is so far fetched but it dosent hurt to ask we only go around once!!!!!! lets see if this letter finds u...her and i just turned 50 what a wowowo for our nx chapter......