Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Cher - In Pain - Talks About Bullying

Cher in 2011Music and movie icon Cher revealed that she is in "intense" pain and talked about bullying on Twitter!

Cher took to the social networking site to tell her 600,000 followers about her new struggle with a pinched nerve located in her neck, and to talk about the all-important topic of bullying.

The black-haired beauty tweeted, "I wanted to check in to say hi! [I've got a] pinched vein in my neck and I'm in real pain! I'm going to [to my Doctor] in [the morning] so hi and bye lovelies!"

As the term may hint, a pinched nerve is caused when a nerve is somehow damaged or injured by direct pressure or compression, resulting in its inability to properly conduct its signal.

Shortly after, one fan asked the star, "Is your neck better or are you still in pain?", to which Cher answered, "F--k! The pain is intense! I can stay a moment [on Twitter] - I can't sleep! I roll over and ouch! I'm watching 'L.A. Confidential'."

On a different subject, one Twitter user tweeted Cher, "[There has been] two High School student suicides within [the] past 60 [days] in our suburbs. If bullying doesn't stop, [then we] need help teaching kids to cope [and] defend." Cher answered, "I can't understand why [there is] cruelty." She then asked her legion of followers, "What are your ideas about bullying? Cruelty? What is wrong with people, children and teens?"

Cher then stated, "I think the government should do PSA's [public service announcement] [of] "Stop Bullies Stop Deaths" with the most famous stars (music, film, sports) in every age group!" Let's hope that something like this goes ahead!

Finally, and for - once again - trivia's sake, one of Cher's Twitter followers asked Cher, "I remember you smelled amazing, my room-mate and I were like, ' What the f--k is she wearing?". Of course, she answered, "'Uninhibited'! Always!"

I say why not bring 'Uninhibited' back?

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