Sunday, May 20, 2012

66 Things We Love About Cher Part 1

Things We Love About Cher Part IYou may have noticed that it is Cher's 66th birthday today. For that reason - with the inspiration coming from the similarly-titled article 'Cher's 65th Birthday: 65 Reasons We Love Cher' published last year on '' - and in no particular order, 'Cher News' would like to share with you a list of 66 reasons as to why we love the eternally-popular film, television and music star.

Her fitness videos, her early 1980's rock band Black Rose and all her trademark hairstyles - there's lots squeezed into the first 33 and they can all be found right here:

1. Her voice

2. 'Cherfitness'

3. Her three year-long record-breaking 'The Farewell Tour'

4. Longevity (48 years in show-business!)

5. Geffen label's rock albums 'Cher', 'Love Hurts' and 'Heart Of Stone'

6. Her trademark long straight black (real) hair

7. Her trademark black curly wigs

8. The eccentric wigs

9. bell-bottoms

10. Her Oscar-winning role in
1987's 'Moonstruck'

11. Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe winner

'66 Things We Love About Cher' numbers 6, 7 and 8

12. Sonny and Cher

13. Sonny and Cher's sixties anthem 'I Got You Babe'

14. Hit duets with Meat Loaf, Peter Cetera and Rod Stewart

15. That laugh

16. 1998's Grammy Award-winning dance smash hit 'Believe'

17. The reported 20 million copies of 1998's album 'Believe' sold

18. Calling David Letterman an "a--hole" on television

19. Her ever-youthful appearance

20. The 'lost' Warner Bros. 1970's albums

21. Her performance in 'Burlesque' and its soundtrack

22. Elijah Blue Allman and Chaz Bono

66 Things We Love About Cher' numbers 12, 31 and 32

23. Her tweets

24. Black Rose

25. 100 million records sold

26. 1979's top ten disco hit single 'Take Me Home'

27. 'The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour'

28. The 'Cher' Show

29. 'The Sonny and Cher show'

30. The Sonny & Cher television show banter

31. Her portrayal of Rusty Dennis in the 1985 real-life story 'Mask'

32. 2001's top ten dance album 'Living Proof'

33. 1999 Super Bowl
performance of 'Star Spangled Banner'

Now, don't be concerned if some of your favorite things about the now-66-year-old legendary entertainer are missing off the list that you've just read! There's 33 more things we love about her coming shortly with numbers 34 - 66! Expect relationships, famous quotes, a very famous music video and a popular comedy character! Yes, it's all there!


  1. She sold 130 millions of albums 70 millions of singles and 80 millions of album with Sonny

    1. Oh I'm sorry Raf to be the one that disappoints you but Cher has not sold that many records :( I wish she had! In fact, she should've!

  2. The way she says "Thank you" :)

  3. Her body, her smile, her big wigs!

  4. strongenough33320 May, 2012 15:22

    Love to love Cher

  5. This website is looking really good!! :D

  6. Cher quite simply has the charisma that makes her my celebritynof choice.I remember spending time with her in her 70s and 80's periods.Such a kind and fun loving girl.Her voice snagged me first,but her beauty cemented my adoration.