Friday, April 27, 2012

Cher News Catch-up III: Cher's New "Hardcore Dance" Album

Cher in 2012Over a series of tweets, Cher has been releasing snippets of information about her new "hardcore dance" album.

Whilst hoping for a summer release - as Cher once revealed it to be - it seems that we may have to wait until Christmas (we've heard this before!) to get hold of Cher's new album. On social networking site Twitter, Cher wrote, "I've been in studio - am far behind but I really love my songs! I think you will like/love them too! I hope CD's out by Christmas?"

One impatient fan immediately replied, "What? Only Christmas?" And the tour?". Cher quipped, "Okay, I will tour! I will put out a CD! We're friends! cut me a little slack please."

One fan then asked the 'The Music's No Good Without You' singer, "Does your new album have all new songs?". Cher wrote back, "Yes! I'm finishing three songs with Kuk Harrell! He's cool! One is a great song that Timbaland wrote for me! It's all dance! Not bad for an ol' b--ch huh? I do what I love."

Detailing more news about the upcoming record, Cher answered one fan who asked, "When is your collaboration with Lady Gaga going to be released?"; she confusingly replied "My record company decided that they want it to come out on my album and dance version 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' too." She also wrote, "My record company are being so stealth because of leaks! No-one gets copy of a new song except me and the record company - no titles published except for 'The Greatest Thing' which comes out on my CD."

A further tweet by a fan asking, "What kind of music can we expect on the new album", lead to Cher saying, "Hardcore dance! I love it and I almost never like my work! I don't love my voice."

A final word about 'The Greatest Thing' came when someone asked about the track. Cher wrote, "I played it for my sister on my way to GLAAD! She loved it! It's on my new CD. Hold on it's coming."

Finally, for trivia's sake, Cher answered one Twitter user who asked what the star's favorite colours are; she said "Neon anything! Black, light turqouise, blush, white, dark blood red"


  1. ...blush, white, dark blood red and black fishnets :D!!!
    Can't wait for the album, it's gonna rock! And sooo nice to see you back with the news!


  3. I can you not like your's dynamite! I know u very rarely like anything you do, which is sad in my book cuz you've done so much & so many people love what you do....but I'm glad to hear you love the new dance cd that's coming out!!! here's my little url since it's ok to post it here :) thx!

  4. i agree with all these comments!I always get chills when i hear her voice,,i have loved her/and voice for so long!!!

  5. I have listened to Cher since the 60's. I believed then that she was the best female vocalist and I still believe that today. Despite her success, I think she has not gotten the proper recognition for her singing voice. So obviously I totally agree with the above post that her voice is awesome. Always was, always will be!

  6. I'm disappointed because I was hoping CHER would release an adult contemporary/rock collection of music that some of the songs could be re-mixed for dance clubs.