Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cher News Catch-up I: Cher, Chaz, Mary And 'Fro At The GLAAD Awards

Cher hugs Mary Bono Mack at the GLAAD Awards
Legendary singer and actress Cher surprised son Chaz Bono as she presented him an award at the GLAAD Media Awards.

Chaz Bono was honoured with two awards at the 23rd Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards, namely the outstanding documentary prize award (for his documentary 'Becoming Chaz') and the Stephen F. Kolzak Award. The 43-year-old transgender activist and author was surprised to see the latter award presented to him by his superstar mother Cher.

Unbeknownst to anyone in attendance, including Chaz, Cher hastily planned to attend the awards ceremony to support her son. The 65-year-old who oozes star power, stepped onto the stage in an over-sized afro-style black wig, receiving immense applause. The “Believe” singer shared the stage with Sonny Bono's widow Mary Bono Mack, who had herself began the presentation to Chaz.

Cher mid-speech at the GLAAD Awards

Full to the brim with anecdotes and humour, Cher began a speech about Chaz; “I don’t really have anything prepared because I was so nervous because my pronouns for my child jump all over the f—king place and Chaz said, ‘It’s Okay Mom, it’s Okay, don’t be nervous, don’t be worried.’ So I actually didn’t tell him that I was coming tonight - I wanted to make it a surprise.”

Cher greets Chaz with a hug

Cher went on to explain the reason she chose to attend the ceremony; “Chaz has the most courage of almost anyone I know and the other day I was having a big meltdown like I do – like you do... And Chaz was saying, ‘Are you coming to the thing’, and I went, ‘God you know Chaz, I’m not doing well right now’, and he text me and said, ‘I’ve turned into a very understanding smart man - you can call on me.’ And that made me feel so good – it made me feel like I could lean on someone. It really touched my heart.”

Mary Bono Mack, Chaz Bono and Cher backstage at GLAAD AwardsDirected to Chaz, she concluded, “So, what I want to say is you are the most courageous person I know and you really deserve this award and so... Come up and get this award.”

Chaz walked to the stage, where he was met by Bono Mack - she hugged him. As Cher walked over to him with the award in-hand, she too gave him a hug before taking the award and giving his speech.

Cher used social networking site Twitter to post a photo of herself taken in the limo ride back from the Awards ceremony. Cher wrote, "In limo after GLAAD Awards! Took off high boots, as soon as I hit the back seat!"

When Cher returned home, she used Twitter to explain that Chaz found it hard to speak at the ceremony following her surprise appearance; she tweeted, "It was so much fun at GLAAD Awards! I really surprised Chaz! He was adorable he said, 'Wow Mom I was so surprised I forgot what I was going to say!' "

Cher's cat Mr Big in Cher's wigUpon seeing Cher's new Afro wig, onlookers seemed to have different opinions. However, one person - well, animal... Cher's cat - clearly loved the wig, Cher tweeted, "Got Home and Took off everything - Threw 'fro on cubby and went to put on shorts & 'T' - I came back and Mr big was asleep in the 'fro!" Cher quipped, "Instead of 'Cat In The Hat', 'Cat In The 'fro' ".

For those who criticised Cher's choice of wig, she tweeted, "'fro was fun and a homage to the beautiful black women who've worn it! If a girl can't have fun at the GLAAD Awards then what's this world coming to?"

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