Monday, March 12, 2012

Twitter News Round-up: Cher Tweets About Tabloids, Gym and Cake!

CherCher tweeted about a certain tabloid magazine, tidying up her gym and Chaz's very special birthday cake during a recent Twitter session!

Cher Tweets About Tabloids
Firstly, Cher has been featured in numerous negative stories lately in tabloid magazine the 'National Enquirer' - all of which seem false. Well it seems that Cher dismisses these articles as much as we do.

Referring to one particular story which claimed that Cher had suffered a breakdown, one Twitter user jokingly said to Cher, "You need some valium (a drug prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders for those of you that don't know - I didn't). National Enquirer has you going bat s--t crazy!". Whilst revealing a certain priority, Cher replied "Like I give a flying f--k what they think! I care about you!"

Shortly after, another follower asked the star, "Where have you been? I've been missing your tweets." to which Cher quipped, "Don't you read the 'Enquirer'? I've been having a breakdown!".

Cher Tweets About The Gym
Now believe it or not, Cher may be a wealthy international superstar but she does some of the same tedious activities that are present in our everyday lives such as tidying up rooms at home. After she worked out - which included salsa ballet and power pilates - she tweeted, 'I was tidying [my] gym to [the music of Bruce] Springsteen." The difference here being that most of us don't have gyms in our home!

Chaz Bono's Birthday Cake

Cher Tweets About Chaz's Birthday Cake
Finally, Cher told her Twitter followers about a birthday party that was taking place for her son Chaz Bono last night - take a look at that cake!

Cher, who affectionately calls Chaz by the nickname "Da", tweeted, "We are having a birthday party for Da tonight!" . Cher was clearly excited about Chaz's birthday cake as she tweeted, "Oh my God! Hansen's cake - mine and Kathleen's favorite! (comedienne Kathy Griffin) I will send her a piece in the mail."

The legendary songstress continued, "I just brought in Chaz's birthday cake.", before revealing that she sang a "birthday song" - most likely 'Happy Birthday To You' - to her son, whose birthday was on 4 March. Cher then posted a photo of the lavish birthday cake on Twitter!

Cher singing 'Happy Birthday To You' on your birthday - could you imagine that?


  1. The cake looks yummy! And Cher still loves to workout! I hope I have the same motivation when I'm her age.

  2. That cake looks good i would love it if Cher sang Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!