Monday, February 27, 2012

Cher Must Have Found What She Was Looking For

Cher performing the U2 cover during her 'Farewell Tour'Superstar Cher has revealed which song will serve as the opening song of her upcoming tour.

Fans of the legendary performer will know that Cher has performed U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' as the opening song during her last three concert tours (namely her 'Love Hurts Tour', 'Do You Believe Tour' and 'Living Proof: The Farewell Tour'), as well as her 2008-2011 series of concerts in Las Vegas, titled 'Cher at The Colosseum'.

For those of you that were hoping for something a little more fresh as the opening song to the new tour, you're going to be pleased.

Luckily, Cher answered one Twitter follower who asked her about the first song to be performed during the concerts in her recently-confirmed upcoming tour. She replied, "Okay, one leak! It's [going to be a] remix of 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me'. "

In exchange for the U2 cover, Cher will sing her ballad 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' from the 2010 movie 'Burlesque'. The song, which was featured on the Gold-certified soundtrack to the movie, reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart (in remixed form) in January 2011. The song also won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song that year and went on to be nominated for several other film and music awards.

Whilst many Cher fans prefer the original ballad version of 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' that's seen in the movie, others prefer the remixed version that hit the top spot on the aforementioned Billboard chart. Therefore, hopefully her rendition during the tour will be a merge of the two, or a meeting in the middle, to please everyone.

Cher has previously mentioned that her other song from the film, titled 'Welcome To Burlesque', will also be included in the tour.


  1. I think she is singing a remix of YHSTLM:)

  2. I don't think this what she said or meant, i think she was refering to the opening video montage for the show.


  3. The Twitter user asked her about the "opening song" and there is a good enough chance that Cher took this as the opening video montage but I'm sure she would have known what the Twitter user meant by "opening song". Anyway, surely she wouldn't use "YHSTLOM" during the video montage - she'd be performing the song during the concert. I know she has used "...Turn Back Time" during video montages and gone on to perform it but that's because THAT song is so connected to her. I'm trying to think back to her last tour that was in support of a studio album, which was the "Do You Believe? Tour" (not including 'Farewell' as it barely promoted "Living Proof") but I can't remember it properly, but I'm sure it featured songs from "Believe". Maybe the video montage to the new tour will feature songs from the new album.

    1. To all u Haters out there, if u don't like Cher stay off her effing page!!!
      It's Cher for God's sake, she'll do what she wants whenever she wants.
      She always has & She always will!!!!!