Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Jason Derülo Has Written A New Song For Cher!

Jason DerüloJason Derülo has revealed that he has written a song for Cher's new album!

Singer Jason Derülo has written a new "mid tempo club" song for Cher, to be featured on her upcoming album. The 'Whatcha Say' hit-maker has expressed his excitement at collaborating with the legendary female superstar.

He told 'BANG Showbiz,' "There were lots of songs left over that didn't make it on to [my] last album so they'll go to lots of different artists. But I'm working on new material all the time. I just wrote a song for Cher which she will be performing. It's a mid tempo club tune so I'm really excited about it."


  1. can't wait for new songs to come out :)

  2. I LUV HIM!!!!!!!! <3

  3. He is so fine. I find it amazing that all these young artists are so honored to work with Cher...just goes to show you her impact on today's music. She is everyone's legend and stays current. That's what I like about her. She doesn't let her age define her.