Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Comic Book Series To Shine A Ray Of Light On Cher's Life

The Hilary Clinton edition of The Female Force comic book seriesSuperstar Cher will become the subject of a comic book later this year.

Fans of music legend Cher will be able to see her career documented in a comic book, as Bluewater Productions plan to make her the subject of an edition of their "Female Force" Comic Book Series later this year.

The "Female Force" comic series is filled with influential women who have shaped modern history and culture. Others featured in the series include Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie. Fellow singer Madonna has became the subject of the latest edition in the series.

Speaking of the Madonna edition, and therefore giving some light on what to expect in the Cher edition, Midtown Comics marketing and events coordinator Thor parker spoke about the contents of the comic book; "The early stages of her career, the different music videos, her relationships the movies she's done, things like that. Just pretty much it touches lightly on all those things and gives you a general idea of where she's been throughout her entire life up until this point."

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