Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cher Hasn't Forgotten About Bell-Bottoms

Cher carrying gift bags

Superstar Cher attended a houseparty in Brentwood, Los Angeles on Sunday and showed that she can still look great in Bell-bottoms, 45 years on!

The 'Believe' singer kept her image simple; she showed off her signature long straight black hair, and partially hid her face behind a pair of dark sunglasses. She arrived at the party with 'Burlesque' co-star Kristen Bell.

Cher was wearing grey striped bell-bottoms; the style of trousers that she helped popularise during the 1960's. Beginning in the Spring this year, the style has once again become fashionable amongst celebrities. However, Cher still rocks the style better than anyone.

Cher arriving at the party
Cher trying to keep her hair out of her face
Cher using her arm to hide her face

Cher walking in Brentwood
A close-up of Cher in a black jacket
The wind blowing Cher's trousers
Cher struggles against the wind
Cher wearing a brooch with the word 'Rock' on it

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