Cher News links

Cher News on Twitter (@cherthelatest)
The official Cher News Twitter account.

Cher News on Facebook
The official Cher News Facebook account.

The Wondrous World of Sonny & Cher
A site dedicated to super-couple Sonny & Cher including a biography, discography and filmography.

The Hits of Cher
A site dedicated to Cher's hit single and albums, including worldwide chart information and sales.

Official Cher links

Cher's Official website
The official website of Cher.

Cher's Official Twitter Account (@cher)
Tweets from the lady herself about her life and career.

Cher's Official Facebook Page
Status' from Cher and her team about past and current projects.

Cher's Official YouTube Channel
The latest official Cher videos.

Cher's Official Instagram Profile
The latest photos from Cher

The Official Cher Community
Official online community for Cher fans.

Cher Fansite Links

Cher Love
Impeccably designed Cher fan site, including up-to-date Cher news and a stunning photogallery.

Cher Central

Stylish new Cher fansite

Cher Scholar
Interesting site all about Cher including an opinionated blog.

Cher Style
Cher fan site that includes news, a great selection of photos, wallpapers and more.

Cher Brasil
Colourful Brazilian Cher fansite

Cher News Italia
Regularly-updated Italian Cher news site.

Cher Polish Fan Site
Polish Cher fansite

Cher Playing Cards Project
Artistic site showcasing a fan's project of Cher-themed playing cards.

Cher on Other Sites

Cher on Wikipedia
Free online encyclopaedia; includes an extensive Cher biography and possibly the greatest Cher discography available online.

Cher on IMDB
Excellent Cher filmography.

Cher on Allmusic
Contains reviews on almost every Cher album ever released.

Cher on Billboard
Cher chart information and news.

Cher on
Streaming radio service including Cher's back-catalogue.

Cher on MTV Artists
Cher music, interviews, photos and more.

Related links

Children's Craniofacial Association
Official website of the charity Children's Craniofacial Assocaiton - for which Cher is a spokesperson and key donor.